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To ensure the maximum performance from your new Nashin Brake Kit and to avoid premature warping of the brake discs it’s vital that the following procedure is adhered to:


After Initial Installation -


Do not attempt any high-speed stops until the following procedure has been completed.


  • For the first 30km gentle braking must be applied. With the car travelling at approximately 90kmh; lightly apply the brake pedal to reduce the vehicles speed down to 40kmh before releasing the brake pedal and allowing the vehicle to gain speed back up to 90kmh. Repeat this process in blocks of six throughout the first 30km of distance travelled.


  • For the following 200km gradually increase the brake pressure but do not carry out any high-speed stops. Ideally braking should be gradual from 110kmh down to a slow stop (as you would pulling up to intersections / lights).


  • For the remaining 200km more and more pressure can be applied with higher speeds and longer stops, as with previous steps try to avoid exceptionally hard braking from above 110kmh to a complete stop.


  • With the above steps completed your brake discs should now display a light blue even dark colour to the surface of the rotors. This is a good indication that the process has been carried out successfully and the brakes are now suitable for high speed stops when necessary.


Before Track Day Use -


  • The above bedding in procedure MUST have been completed successfully before any track use.

  • Use at least two warm up laps to slowly get heat into the brakes. During initial warm up laps do not; perform prolonged or excessively hard braking, do not use left foot braking when the vehicle is under power.

  • After your track session complete at minimum of one cool down lap using the brakes to the minimum.

  • If your session is stopped or when returning to the paddock; DO NOT leave your foot on the brake when parked. This will cause a “hot spot” which could warp the disc and later cause vibration under braking.

  • After any track day inspect your brake pads and discs for wear. Continual track day use will dramatically reduce the life cycle of your brake components.

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